200 million year old Dinosaur Footprints vandalised by dumb tourists at Utah State Park

According to the researchers, these dinosaur footprints were made in a muddy lagoon almost around 170 million years old. The researchers found around 50 dinosaur footprints that were made on Isle of Skye’s Trottenish peninsula.

There are bigger problems than drawing initials on trees and buildings and tossing litter on the trail sides. The Red Fleet Park in Utah experiences excessive vandalism on a daily basis that is hard to ignore.

It is disappointing to know how someone can cause damage to certain things intentionally and encourage others to join in the race!

Tourists in the Red Fleet Park are dislodging the ancient dinosaur footprints and damaging the reservoir of the park every day.

The park in charge and officers are very well concerned about this issue and have also raised an appeal to the tourists not to harm any property of the dinosaur trackway in the park. They hardly got a response till date.

It has been reported by the Utah state park that the tourists have torn the slabs of the ancient rocks and threw them in the nearby reservoir.

Josh Hansen, the park manager made a statement on the website of the park by saying that it is an illegal move to damage the ancient rocks that have actual tracks of dinosaurs. Causing even the slightest damage to these properties is a horrendous act of vandalism.

“The dinosaur track site is deteriorating due to human impact,” the park wrote on their Facebook page recently. “There has been a substantial impact on the track site from individuals throwing rocks (most containing dinosaur tracks) into the water over the past 6 months. People come to our park from all over the country and world to see this amazing feature. It is not illegal to throw rocks into the water, it is illegal to displace these rocks which contain tracks. Be aware disturbing these rocks is considered an act of vandalism. Many tracks are very distinguishable to the layperson but many are not. This is why it is so important to not disturb ANY rocks at the dinosaur track-way. You may not be able to tell if the rock you are tossing has millions of year old dinosaur tracks imprinted in it or not.”

While some of the tracks are distinct but some of them are not. This is why it is crucial to causing no damage to any of the rocks present in the parks intentionally.

This act of vandalism has been going on in the Utah Park since a long time which has kept the officials concerned. The problem is increasing every day and it has been seen a rise in the past six months. It is estimated that more than 10 dinosaur tracks have been destroyed in the last six months out of which there were some that were 200 million years old.

The park has not set up signboards near to the rocks to stop this behavior. In order to stop this problem, it is important to spread the word.

It is imperative to know the importance of these rocks as they contain informational data that are millions of years old. Do not throw the rocks on the dinosaur track area at the Red Fleet State Park.

The information available in the rocks can get many more data related to dinosaurs and their existence. Spread the word so that people become aware of this and stop the nuisance at once.

Devan Chavez, who acts as a spokesperson of the Utah Division of State Parks said that the matter has become a serious issue. He further added that at the time of easily discarding the rocks into the water body, the doors do not realize the potential effect of their activities. Chavez told that the park is going to study the matter in-depth.

As of now, there still is a large amount of dino remains in the park that can be easily spotted. Nevertheless, as estimated nearly ten large and prominent dino footprints have been destroyed in just six months.

Recently, a group of researchers from the Edinburgh University had discovered giant prehistoric dinosaur footprints on the Isle of Sky. According to the researchers, these dinosaur footprints were made in a muddy lagoon almost around 170 million years old. The researchers found around 50 dinosaur footprints that were made on Isle of Skye’s Trottenish peninsula.

Dr. Steve Brusatte from the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences, who was the leader of the field team stated, “The more we look on the Isle of Skye, the more dinosaur footprints we find.” After analyzing the ancient dinosaur footprints, the scientists got to know that the footprints belonged to the theropods and the sauropods. Most of the footprints were made by the theropods, the “older cousins” of Tyrannosaurus rex and the remaining footprints were of the long-necked sauropods, the cousins of Brontosaurus.

Brusatte said that the footprints were made in a shallow lagoon at the time when Scotland was much warmer and the dinosaurs were beginning their march towards global dominance. The research team has described the latest dinosaur footprint discovery as globally important because they belong to the middle Jurassic era. And finding dinosaur footprints or fossilized remains from the mid-Jurassic period is very rare around the world. Previously, in 2015, the researchers had discovered the similar type of ancient dinosaur footprints in the Isle of Skype.

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