Ring Doorbells carried major security glitch until recently, according to reports

Ring Doorbells had a major security glitch until this January, according to reports.

The smart doorbells, which allow users to watch what’s happening at their front door through an app on their smartphones, were accessible to users who didn’t have the most up-to-date password.

It has emerged in a report by The Information that Ring’s software was allowing users to continue to watch the doorbell feed even after the password was changed. If a user was logged in while the password was changed, the user simply remained logged in.

This meant that old users who were no longer necessarily living at a location could still spy on what was happening right outside the front door.

The issue emerged after a man realized his ex-boyfriend was still watching their doorbell feed.

According to Ring Doorbells, the issue was fixed in January, and the company has since been bought by Amazon for no less than $1billion. However, users of Ring Doorbells should still take note…

According to TechCrunch, once you change your password — users on the old password will be kicked off, but not right away. Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff said the process will still take a few hours, as to kick old users off immediately would slow down the app.

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