Scientists reveal about the scary death of our Sun

Humans on earth are fighting with dangers like climate change, but five million years down the lane all this will not matter. Roughly 4.6 billion years ago the life cycle of the sun began, and in a rough estimate of 4.5 to 5.5 billion years the sun will start depleting its supply of hydrogen and helium and will enter a phase known as Red Giant Branch (RGB) where it will grow and expand more than its current size and might end up consuming earth.  Everything and everyone on the surface of the earth will die. Possibly only one thing which might survive this inferno will be the rocky core of our planet, which might orbit around the dead and cold remains of the sun. Later, when it the sun reaches its end it is believed that its outer layers will blow and in the end, it will turn into a White Dwarf.  Till now astronomers were not clear on how this will take place, and whether or not the sun will end up as a Planetary Nebula.  But a team of international astronomers proved that the Sun will end its life cycle by turning into an enormous ring of luminous interstellar gas and dust which is known as planetary Nebula.

Researchers had a sneak peek of our inescapable fate by looking at L2 Puppis, which was also a star five years billion years ago and was likely to like the Sun.  According to a professor named Albert Ailjsta when a death of the star occurs, it ejects mass of gas and dust which is known as its envelope into space.   The mass of the envelope can be as much as the half of the star’s mass. This uncovers the core of the star, which by this point within the star’s life is running in the end which will turn of before dying finally.

It is at exactly that point the hot center makes the ejected envelope sparkle splendidly for around 10,000 years – a short period in astronomy. This is the thing that makes the planetary cloud visible.

Will there be any individual left on the surface of the earth who will face this?

In 2013, According to a study by University of East Anglia Long before the expansion of sun, all life on the surface of the earth will likely be extinct.  We assess that the Earth somewhere between 1.75 to 3.25 billion years from now ceases to be livable.  After this point earth will be within the Hot Zone of the sun, all the seas will evaporate and we would see a disastrous and terminal extinction of all life.

Source: sciexaminer

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