Trump administration moves to reverse Obama-era hunting restrictions in Alaska

The Trump administration moved Monday to rescind Obama-era regulations on hunting predators in Alaska’s national preserves, issuing a proposal that would put the state back in charge over the objections of wildlife groups.

The National Park Service released a proposed rule that would reverse the 2015 regulations on sports hunting and be trapping in Alaskan national preserves, areas within national parks designated by Congress for hunting, fishing, and mining.

“[S]tates have primary jurisdiction to manage wildlife throughout their state,” said the proposed rule, which is scheduled to be published Tuesday. “In addition, NPS has broad discretion in managing wildlife on national preserves under applicable laws, policies, and regulations.”

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game was “pleased to see the National Park Service working to better align federal regulations with State of Alaska hunting and trapping regulations,” Maria Gladziszewski, deputy director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation, told the Associated Press.

The proposal is “progress in that direction, and we appreciate those efforts. Alaskans benefit when state and federal regulations are consistent,” she said.

Meanwhile, environmental groups denounced the effort, warning a repeal would allow hunters to engage in “cruel

Source: washingtontimes

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